To bring in the new year, Compuco is hosting a virtual meetup for the entire CiviCRM community! Make sure to sign up early to guarantee your space!

It’ll be held on 6th February at 14:30 GMT (World Clock).

The Agenda

If you’re not familiar with these events, we run them in 2 parts. Firstly we run a clinic and then move onto the main talks.

CiviClinic - 14:30 GMT

CiviClinic is a  session dedicated to sharing ideas and answering your burning questions. Pick the brains of our experts and the community. During this session we’ll split up into breakout rooms depending on what areas of Civi you’re most interested in.

Talks - Membership Deep Dive - 15:00 GMT

After the clinic, we’ll move on to our talks, this time focusing on a deep dive into CiviCRM’s membership functionality.

The first talk will be on CiviCRM’s Core Membership Functionality. Designed to be an overview of what is possible, this will be especially useful for beginners using Civi for Membership but we will also bewith highlighting several tips we’ve picked up along the way that could benefit more seasoned users.

Next up we’ll be discussing the Membership Extras Extension. This is a Compuco developed and freely available extension we deploy to our clients by default. It offers significant upgrades to Civi’s core membership functionality, including the almost essential ability for members to be able to pay in instalments and also have the option to offer pro rated sign ups. If you are a membership organisation using Civi but are not currently using the extension, we strongly recommend you attend this talk and find out how it could really enhance your member offering...

And finally we’ll be taking a look at CPD & Civi. Recently we worked on fleshing out how CiviCRM can record Continuous Professional Development hours to properly track and record members’ learning hours. We’ll be giving a brief tour and discussing our solution! 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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