The end of another year and in many ways, 2022 has proven an even bigger year for Compuco than 2021!

With last year’s rebrand firmly in place, this year has seen some enormous progress both public and behind the scenes. We’ve been joined by some amazing new colleagues, wonderful new clients, and our development teams have made some fantastic innovations.

Perhaps the cherry on top of it all has been the launch of CiviPlus, a project long in the works. And we couldn’t be more happy with its launch!


If this year was to have one headline for Compuco, it would undoubtedly be the official launch of CiviPlus. Though a select few clients were introduced to it slightly earlier, April saw the official launch of the brand new website.

But what is CiviPlus? Well, all is explained in more detail here, but it’s the culmination of the many years Compuco has been working with CiviCRM. Bringing together all the best features from the community and ourselves in a platform which we host, maintain and update. It’s the SaaS version of Civi that we’ve made specifically to be accessible and affordable to smaller nonprofits with less complex needs. 

It has all of our favourite extensions, plus an inbuilt self-service portal and so much more. It’s even got a tailor made importer to make it simple to migrate any existing CiviCRM sites. We truly believe that it is the very best out-of-the-box version of CiviCRM that you can find. If you’d like to get in touch to find out more, you can do so here!


While we have been putting a lot of effort into CiviPlus, we’ve not slowed down on our commitment to the CiviCRM community either! We’ve made significant developments that we’ve released to the open source community throughout the year, including further updates to membership functionality and the opportunity to create automated certificates. You can find more details on these developments over on the main CiviCRM blog.

We also ran a very successful community digital meetup back in May with sessions on events and communications in Civi, which you can find here. We also ran a couple of webinars on how to encourage members to renew and how to make your database fundraise for you.

Our team is currently working very hard on even more exciting functionality that we look forward to sharing with you when it’s ready!

Our Other Platforms

While the focus might have been on Civi this year, extensive work has been going on behind the scenes with our other platforms.

We’ve continued work on our website projects, with some major functionality being built to make our Drupal sites easier and quicker to create and modify. Our major project to launch the Disability Rights UK website has helped spur this process and we’re excited to reveal it to the world alongside the various accessibility considerations we’ve taken into account while working on this project!

We’ve done significant work with our community platform, with the new CIWEM Community having been launched during the Flood & Coast 2022 conference (which we got to attend!). We’ve also further developed our integration between CiviCRM and Open Social, having also worked on projects around the integration of Open Social with systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. As more organisations see the benefits of community platforms for purposes such as learning communities, we’re excited to see what 2023 brings here!

At Floods and Coast 2022!

You might also notice that we’ve even added a new product to our portfolio - the business intelligence tool Superset. It’s a tool we’ve loved using internally and many clients are already excited to use it to create beautiful visual and insightful report charts from across several of their different data sources. Keep an eye on this one!



If you’ve kept up with our blog, you’ll know we’ve started working with several really exciting new clients this year. And those we’ve announced are just a small selection of the new faces!

We’ve also seen many of our long-term clients continue to grow and innovate, with many new projects being launched, some expanding their existing systems, but others trying out entirely new platforms!

We remain committed to empowering all of our clients to build a better world. Creating strong partnerships is at the very heart of what we do and we thank each and every one of our clients for everything we’ve achieved together in 2022 and look forward to continuing working closely in the New Year.


Any organisation is only as strong as the people who make it up. Creating a supportive, open, and enjoyable working environment for our team is one of our chief missions. And this year has seen some big changes!

Firstly we’ve restructured a number of teams in order to give people more support and focus in their day to day activities, whilst also adding a new team for Growth under which Sales and Marketing (including myself!) now reside. This has allowed us greater internal agility by more clearly distinguishing roles, ensuring the best possible service for our clients.

One of our favourite traditions at the end of the year is the internal company team awards, where our team vote for which of their colleagues has made the biggest impact in different categories. This year we were delighted to see a very wide selection of nominations, with 7 very deserving winners, 2 of whom are among the fantastic selection of this year’s new joiners!

We are working hard to take care of our team with wellness days, regular company socials and new personal development allowances, and we are thrilled that several have been using their volunteering days to help others, you can read about some of their experiences here. We are also committed to making sure everyone feels secure and supported during these times and will continue to do so into 2023 and beyond.

Our amazing award winners

In Summary

2022 has been a year where we’ve really focused on delivering our core mission to empower socially responsible organisations with the digital tools they need to build a better world. We’re excited this year to see that all the work we’ve put in over the last few years on projects like CiviPlus has allowed us to empower more nonprofits this year than ever before to do more good

This is a goal that we are constantly building towards. We hope that one day all nonprofits will have the tools they need to succeed and eliminate barriers so that they can simply focus on delivering amazing and important results for their chosen causes and communities.

For now, we wish you and your loved ones all the very best during this holiday season and look forward to talking again in 2023!