With a diverse and global team, one question that faces Compuco every year is how to celebrate the end of the year and the holiday season in a way that includes all of our team members.

With staff based in various parts of the UK plus a large distributed team working remotely around the world, we planned some virtual activities and some in person events to celebrate all of the hard work our team has put in this year.

Events in London

It’s hard to beat the team-building opportunity of in person events. While the Covid pandemic hasn’t made that easy (forcing our own in person Christmas party to be delayed), it only means the events we have held were all the more appreciated.

We managed to host two different events at our office this holiday season. The first was a free yoga session delivered by one of our own team members, who also happens to be a qualified instructor. Those taking part got a great starter routine demonstrated and the opportunity to stretch their muscles in the middle of a busy workday!

Our most exciting event was an office ‘potluck’ where team members each brought dishes with them to the office for each other to taste and eat. We had a massive response from our team with a very diverse range of cuisines - Hungarian, Thai, Greek, Bulgarian and more! Ultimately the team voted on their favourite dishes with stuffed cabbage rolls being the landslide winner, with mango and sticky rice with coconut milk coming in second.

End of Year Survey & Team Awards

As part of the end of year celebrations, it’s also an important time to take stock of what has been accomplished during the year and what can be improved. That’s why we sent out an extensive anonymous survey to our team to understand the challenges they face. This important measure gives our leadership team invaluable information when making decisions going into the New Year in an environment where everyone can share their thoughts.

The survey also provided an opportunity for all members of staff to vote in the first annual Compuco Team Awards. These provided a chance for the team to recognise their colleagues’ hard work and contributions over the year under a number of different categories such as their contributions to coaching and the best newcomer.

Virtual Celebrations

With around half of our employees working remotely, virtual events are of equal importance. With quizzes, board game nights and caption competitions, making sure that everyone in the company is able to participate in activities is vital.

This is why the centrepiece of the holiday season at Compuco was an end of year celebration meeting attended by all the company. 

After a short presentation by the leadership team and announcement of the Team Award winners in front of the company there was a mini talent show. Several team members took the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities with live caricature drawings, plus singing and poetry performances. Wrapping up the celebrations were some fun joke awards based on what had happened during the year.


Compuco’s end of 2021 celebrations reflected our commitment to inclusivity as enshrined in our values, providing all of our team with the opportunity to reflect on the year in a light hearted manner. Though separated across many continents, it provided an opportunity for everyone to interact in meaningful ways. 

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