What a week! We spent the first half of last week up in Liverpool sponsoring the 2023 TUC Congress. Home to all things union, it was a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of people from membership organisations who are passionate about changing the way we work.

But what were our favourite moments and parts of being there? Read on to find out!

Welcome to our stand

1. Liverpool

As host cities go, Liverpool was absolutely fantastic. The waterfront is a cultural hub and it was a great place to spend our evenings during the event. With many interesting pubs and restaurants, there was a real buzz in the city, heightened by the many attendees of the conference.

The ACC itself was also a great venue, with enough space to accommodate the very many guests, host some memorable talks, and give each of the sponsors sufficient space to lay out our stands!

Louise with Paul Nowak, General Secretary of the TUC

2. The speakers

One of the biggest assets of the TUC is the diversity of speakers they can attract from all their different constituent unions and beyond. Many spoke with passion about the causes most important to their members right now and issues facing the future of work. From broad topics like the impact of AI on workers, to the more specific talks around pay review bodies, to the international discussion around recent union developments in the US. We learnt a lot about many different work related topics and how they are affecting so many people every day!

Louise and Phil winning at work!

3. The sponsor community

One of the great things about a longer event is that you have the time to build connections with your fellow sponsors. We ended up talking with our colleagues at the stands next to us and had some great conversations where we learnt more about what each other do. From companies like First Actuarial to unions like our client NEU, to charities like Stand Up To Racism

There was even a  mini inter-stand competition on who got the most interest in their freebies. We for example were giving out chocolate and round stress balls while our neighbours the Fire Brigade Union had jelly beans and fire engine shaped stress balls. Morrish Solicitors even had a pick and mix area at their stand and won the official Best Stand 2023 - congrats!

There were also some great contests and surveys being run - with First Actuarial running a survey daily and our very own Louise Melzack winning a bottle of wine from  The Britain Israel Trade Union Dialogue.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the friends we made there in the future and couldn’t have asked for better people to spend our time with.

Louise with her prize!

4. The delegates

The attendees themselves were also an absolute pleasure to talk with as well, with a real mix of experienced union veterans, newcomers and those more involved in the adjacent world of charities. The sheer variety of people we got to speak with was fantastic over the course of all 4 days of the conference, with many of them excited to learn more about Compuco’s mission to help nonprofit organisations achieve their digital goals. We’re also hoping to bump into some of them again and will be continuing conversations at some of the other events we’ll be attending over the next year!


We loved our time in Liverpool and were sad to leave. But we had an absolute blast and can’t wait to do it all again.

If you’d like to discuss how Compuco can help provide nonprofit organisation with a powerful digital toolset, please get in touch with us hello@compuco.io. We’ll also be at next month’s Membership Excellence conference in London if you’d like to come over and say hello in person!