The Compuco team are happy to announce that we will be running another CiviCRM “London” virtual meetup on Thursday 12th May 2022!

This is the latest in our series of meetups, with both of the previous ones available on YouTube: 1. Introducing CiviCase and 2. Introducing CiviMember - Membership management

Everyone is welcome, no matter your level of experience. Whether you are a CiviCRM novice or veteran, we can assure you there will be something for everyone to discover!

​​We will be dedicating the first half an hour to answering your questions in our CiviSurgery so do come along and ask us anything! The meetup is a great forum for asking questions and sharing your CivCRM experiences with other users, implementers, experts, or developers who can help. 

You can sign up here!

Key details

Title: Title: CiviCRM Virtual 'London' Meetup (Events & Comms)

This webinar will be focused on how to get the most from CiviCRM for communication campaigns and event management.

We’ll be showing off CiviCRM’s best features and a few tips and tricks to get the most from this amazing platform.

For a bit of pre-reading feel free to read our article on what makes CiviCRM such an effective event management tool, and during the session we will do a deeper dive into some of these features and the opportunity for you to ask your questions!

Where: Online anywhere! (Link to video call will be shared after registration)

Date: Thursday 12th May 2022

From: 14:30 - 16:00 (BST/GMT+1) World Clock


This meetup will be focusing its attention on CiviCRM as a communications and events hub. These are two vital functions that provide enormous value to many organisations around the world. We’ll be covering the basics, but also exploring several extra features and areas that are often ignored but can make a significant difference if used properly!

1. CiviSurgery - From 14:30 to 15:05

We’ll start off as always with the CiviSurgery. The CiviSurgery is a place where you can ask anything - so whether you’re a beginner just getting started with CiviCRM or an expert thinking about how best to get that last 2% we’d be happy to help.

2. Your CiviCRM communications hub - From 15:05 to 15:30

CiviCRM’s email campaign functionality is exceptionally strong, with powerful automation tools that can help you easily get your message out to your supporters. We’ll be looking both at the basics and how to take advantage of the more powerful features available.

3. Running better events with CiviCRM - From 15:30 to 15:55

CiviEvents is a comprehensive and flexible tool for event management. But how do you get the most from it? We’re giving a rundown of all the key features and a few insider tips and tricks!

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