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We’re back running another webinar on Tuesday 19th July 2022!

This time we’re tackling a critical issue for membership organisations - why members don’t always renew. More importantly, we’re going to be discussing solutions to the common reasons for attrition.

While not all losses are preventable, it’s important to minimise them as much as possible to ensure your organisation’s growth. A key part of this is using digital solutions such as databases. They can help you more efficiently manage your membership processes and ensure the engagement that will keep your cause at the front of your members’ minds.

Whether you already have your digital toolset or are looking to get started, be sure to come along and find out how much of a difference a good setup can make to your retention rates!

Key details

Title: Why Members Don’t Renew and How to Fix This

Where: Online anywhere! (Link to video call will be shared after registration)

Date: Tuesday 19th July 2022

From: 14:30 - 15:15 (BST/GMT+1) World Clock


During this webinar, we’ll be exploring the top reasons why members don’t review and how we can prevent this. We’ll be exploring how to fix the following problems with the aid of a powerful database:

‍· Lack of member engagement 

· Perceived lack of membership value

· Members forgetting about renewal

· And more!

We’ll also be ending with a Q&A to answer all your questions.

Make sure to register now to guarantee your space!