Who are Disability Rights UK?

Disability Rights UK is the UK’s leading organisation led by, run by, and working for disabled people. They work with disabled people’s organisations and governments across the UK to influence regional and national change for better rights, benefits, quality of life and economic opportunities for disabled people.


Disability Rights UK partnered with Compuco to create a pioneering, accessible digital platform that revolutionises users’ experience.

The challenge

Disability Rights UK decided it was time to refresh their website and digital offering. Users' feedback highlighted issues with navigation and mobile-friendliness, indicating a need for a comprehensive redesign. They had a few key objectives in mind for this refresh. They wanted a site that was easy for their team to administer and were very keen to improve key interaction areas of their site such as member sign up and donation forms.

Of the utmost importance to their mission was making their website as accessible as possible. This meant carefully considering Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the benefits of plugins versus manual web design. The focus was clear on finding what would result in the best overall website accessibility so that DR UK could share free information and advice with as many people as possible.

Compuco had already been working with Disability Rights UK for several years on their CiviCRM solution, which would require full integration with their new website. This existing relationship, alongside Compuco’s strong commitment to the nonprofit sector, meant they were ideally placed to make Disability Rights ambitions a reality.

The integrated accessibility toolbar - part of Compuco's PlusCMS product

The solution

Compuco addressed these challenges through a multi-faceted approach. We began by engaging extensively with Disability Rights UK’s user base, conducting surveys and tree testing to gather valuable insights. Over 130 responses from Disability Rights’s members provided a clear direction for the redesign, highlighting the importance of website accessibility and user-friendly navigation.

Compuco then opted for a manual web design approach, aligning with user feedback that highlighted some limitations of accessibility plugins. By aiming for a sustainable AA level of accessibility website design with aspirations toward AAA, Compuco ensured that the website would be both compliant and practical. This approach allowed for a more thorough integration of accessibility features, making the site easier to navigate and more inclusive.

Additionally to the website project, Compuco upgraded Disability Rights UK’s CiviCRM by moving it to a CiviPlus based site, which made their workflows more efficient and enhanced their member engagement capabilities. Along with CiviPlus came a comprehensive portal, providing a dedicated space for members to interact with their data, download invoices and access member specific content.

The results

​​The partnership between Disability Rights UK and Compuco yielded impressive results. The redesigned website is significantly more accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly. Users reported a smoother navigation experience and better mobile compatibility, addressing previous concerns. The step by step partnership design approach ensured the website met the high accessibility standards that both sides set out to achieve, aligning with WCAG guidelines and making it accessible to a broader audience.

The upgraded CiviCRM and new member portal have further streamlined Disability Rights UK’s operations, improving their ability to manage interactions with members, supporters, and stakeholders. This overhaul has led to more efficient organisational processes and better service delivery.

Overall, the collaboration has empowered Disability Rights UK to better serve their community, providing a digital platform that truly reflects their mission of advocating for the rights and inclusion of disabled people.