Where has 2023 gone? It’s been a major landmark year at Compuco with several large client projects having gone live and a considerable amount of behind the scenes work having been put in!

So before we close off the year and begin the new, let’s take a look back at some of the exciting things we’ve been up to this year!

CiviCRM & Self Service Portal

As with 2022, we’ve seen a lot more work put into our core CiviCRM offering this year, especially adding functionality to our portal area.

The portal now lets users access cases they are involved with, check up on their membership status, log any CPD hours, and manage membership of any committees or sub-organisations they belong to. We’ve also updated the certificate generator, adding membership certificates and the possibility to download certificates as image files. 

The applications area has also seen an overhaul with the much requested draft feature being added among other improvements. And expect yet more still to come from the portal.

Beyond the portal, we’ve also been fleshing out some of the other areas of CiviCRM, continuing to develop our Membership Extras extension - essential for any membership organisation using Civi. Plus we’ve done extensive work enhancing the finance capabilities of CiviCRM alongside new automated gift aid submission functionality (expect to see us talk about this more early next year!).

We’re really happy with our current version of CiviCRM and can’t wait to add some additional extras next year. Watch this space!


2023 has seen CiviPlus, our securely hosted SaaS version of CiviCRM, continue to go from strength to strength.

To name but a few highlights of the year, we’ve welcomed many amazing new and growing organisations into the CiviPlus community, have continued our free webinar series, including a look at our portal, which is available for all our CiviCRM clients.

Getting out and about

2023 has been a year where we’ve spent significantly more time outside the office meeting up with the nonprofit community. With the return of physical events post Covid, we decided it was a great time to take the opportunity to meet more organisations around the country at different trade shows!

From TAF, to AAE, to TUC, and MemberWise, we’ve attended many events this year and we’re looking forward to attending more in 2024! Our team have really enjoyed the chance to check the pulse of the sector, listen to more about the key issues affecting our community and having the opportunity to discuss all the digital services we provide. It’s been great meeting prospective clients face to face and also having existing clients pop by the stand to come and say hello!

Out and about!


2023 has seen us starting work with many exciting new clients, but also bringing several projects to full fruition! 

One example was the launch of the brand new Disability Rights UK website. Longtime readers of the blog may remember our in depth discussion about accessibility for that particular project. It’s a site we’re very proud of as it supports the organisation’s mission for a more inclusive society to improve the rights, benefits and quality of life for Disabled people.

We’ve several large projects that will be ready to launch next year and we look forward to sharing some of their stories in due course!


Compuco would be nothing without its strong international team who work in over half a dozen timezones around the world. And we’d like to take the opportunity to thank them for their incredible work this year. Everything we achieve is thanks to them and we wish them a well deserved break over the festive season!

We look forward to what 2024 brings for us as a team as we say hello to even more new colleagues and wait to see how they’ll leave their mark!

The Compuco Xmas lunch!

In Summary

2023 has been a year where we’ve got out and about more and heavily invested behind the scenes in our core technology to ensure we continue to empower socially responsible organisations with the digital tools they need to build a better world.

We’ve seen some real impact for our clients and this has served as a constant reminder for our team of the importance of the work we do when partnering with nonprofit organisations. 2024 promises big things with more projects going live and more functionality being delivered for CiviCRM, CiviPlus and our other core products.

For now, we wish all of you and your loved ones the very best this holiday season and look forward to talking again in the New Year!